September 2023

Every tenth caller on the English line is suicidal

Ten percent of calls contain suicidal tendencies. This is three times more frequent than on the German line.

June 2023 

6 months and over 400 English calls

Half a year, after Heart2Heart, the new English service of Die Dargebotene Hand has been lauchened, more the 400 people have called. Relationship and family problems are frequent concerns.

April 2023 

100 Days of Heart2Heart – the Crisis Support Hotline from the Dargebotene Hand

One hundred days ago, the best-known psychosocial hotline in Switzerland, die Dargebotene Hand, launched "Heart2Heart", the new English Crisis Support Hotline 0800 143 000. The 250 calls show that the English-language service is serving a need. Moreover, the number of calls has steadily increased from 1.6 per evening in January to 3.3 in April.

March 2023 

50% more calls in February compared to January

By the end of February, the volunteers of Heart2Heart held 132 conversations in English. This is, on average, 2.24 calls per evening. We are excited that in February, the number of conversations increased by 50% compared to January.

February 2023

In January 52 people call Heart2Heart

In the first month of Heart2Heart 52 people call on 0800 143 000. A common topic is difficult relationships, related to psychological suffering and loneliness.

Dezember 2022

Die Dargebotene Hand now speaks English

From January 2023 Die Dargebotene Hand will also be there for people, who speak English. The new line in English, "Heart2Heart", can be reached daily from 6 pm to 11 pm through the toll free number 0800 143 000.

Contact: Matthias Herren, Tel 043 244 80 80, [tocco-encoded-addr:MTA0LDEwMSw5NywxMTQsMTE2LDUwLDEwNCwxMDEsOTcsMTE0LDExNiw2NCw0OSw1Miw1MSw0Niw5OSwxMDQ=]

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